We are a company that specializes in mechanical garden work and has a wide range of compact, multifunctional and high-quality efficiency machines available for all kinds of work in and around the garden for private gardens, business parks, recreational fields and parks.

75% of our machine park is equipped for our biggest specialty, which is still the construction or reconstruction, renovation and maintenance of lawns or lawns.

Then there is another 25% of our machine park that is equipped for our second specialty and these are clearing works, felling works and minor demolition works.


Before purchase, all our machines were carefully and accurately selected or tested for compactness, robustness, weight, smooth, thorough and beautiful operation, efficiency and multifunctionality.

As a result, most of our machines, especially for the construction and renovation of grass, had to be specially tailored or adapted to obtain a perfect, thorough and fine finish.

In this way, they sometimes became more multifunctional and could also be used for other purposes, such as maintenance of horse riding arenas or the construction of driveways and roads in recycled materials, but this will soon become clear when you look at our offer tab.


Furthermore, we try to offer the widest possible program for everyone's budget or application, so in addition to a complete construction or finishing, we can also carry out an intervention in your project or construction that you would prefer to realize yourself, such as cleaning up, preparing it for planting or sowing. of the garden, which usually involves machine work, so you do not have to rent machines for this, with sometimes all the unpleasant consequences that entails. But everything is fully illustrated on the website.